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Static Auto Inc


STATIC AUTO INC. Since 2010 

Industry Leading Installers with over 40 years of combined experience in the Automotive AfterMarket Industry Who mainly service Various Dealerships throughout the Greater Ottawa/Gatineau Area


Window Tinting with Uncompromisingly High Quality Window Film Manufactured by Saint Gobain, a OEM Automotive Glass Manufacturer for High end Vehicles . The Perfect Combination

Paint Protection for your Vehicle, prevents stone chips, road debris and even mild scuffs from penetrating your paints glossy coat, clear and invisible protection so your vehicle is what stands out.

Vehicle Graphics and Decals, both Popular and Custom

Vehicle Wrapping 3M 1080P Vehicle Wrap, the Original industry Leading Adhesive

Idatastart Automotive Remote Starter units, Top of the Line Digital Remote starters for Vehicles integration with today's technologically advanced OEM Electronics 

CTP OEM integratabtle shock sensor for insurance discount as well as an extra manufacture backed warranty $2500.00

Heated Seats with seamless OEM Look


Because we are a Dealer Only Company Our Business takes on the best practices based on our Clientele, for Such a Reason We work with most Dealers on location so as to avoid costly vehicle depreciation, of those precious first kilometres of a vehicle for the new owner, as well as the dealers peace of mind, knowing that it is less likely for something to happen to a vehicle if it stays where it's suppose to be ....at the dealership, but on occasion clients have been fit in to our schedule in which case. They are fit in to our online Dealer scheduler,


Our hours of Operation are Monday to Friday

8:00am to 5:00pm

Call for Your appointment or click here to book online 


Lifetime Guarantee by Industry Leading Installers 

over 20 years Experience in the Industry

Window Film Installers, 3M Certified 1080P Installers of Vehicle Wrap, Most reliable Materials on the Market

Over 40 years combined experience

310K Ontario Certified AfterMarket Electrical Accessories Technicians backed by Ministry of Colleges and Trades

Easy to use online booking system that confirms your best time according to you