Headlight Restoration



Restore your headlights to almost factory new!


With over 20 years expert detailing experience, we will be sure to do an excellent job in restoring our headlights.

Headlights have a clear coating on them from the factory to protect against sun fading, however this type of coating can only last so many years and it eventually fades overtime which is what causes the yellow haze.

We use a variety of polishes and pads on a rotary tool to remove the faded clear coating on your headlights.

Optional Paint Protection Film Coating


Removing the faded clear coating on your headlights does make them clear and shine again however, now there is no more coating protecting your headlights. This means that depending on your situation, your headlights could fade back within a year, this is where out paint protection film comes in.

Adding our clear paint protection film to your headlights will act as a new, better than factory clear coating! This will guarantee a clear non-faded finish for years to come!

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